Student Life Division

The Student Life Division of Gustavus Adolphus College intentionally creates and supports environments in which students pursue a challenging liberal arts education, gain an understanding of themselves and each other, and uphold the mission, traditions and values of the College.

We ask students to be invested, contributing members in a community of learners from diverse backgrounds. To this end, we encourage students to recognize, engage and appreciate their own and others’ diversity and commonality. We also espouse citizenship, integrity, respect and compassion as foundations that help students engage in lives of services and leadership in their communities. 

Our work is centered on relationships. We collaborate with students, faculty, staff and members of the greater community to provide programs, services and experience that contribute to student learning and positively impact the developmental process. We embrace the teachable moments in students’ lives with appropriate presence, care, reflection, challenge and support. We encourage them to take responsibility to for learning, actions and selves. 

As teachers and learners, we contribute to the Gustavus experience, and, with our colleagues, seek to inspire in our students a commitment to the values of excellence, community, justice, service and faith.

Consistent with the statement of mission, the entire student life staff assists students in realizing their education and personal goals at Gustavus.

Dr. Charlie Potts, '01
Interim Dean of Students

Student LIfe Departments:

Dean of Students Athletics
Recreation Programs Counseling Center
Community Engagement Health Services
Residential Life Campus Activities
GustieWELL Office  

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office oversees programs and services that support students' education and development both inside and outside the classroom.

Members of the Dean's staff guide, support, and challenge students in taking full advantage of a Gustavus education. They also provide advice, support and assistance to students and student groups and respond to inquiries from students, parents, and others about college policies and procedures.


Being a NCAA Division III student-athlete at Gustavus means that you perform at a high level — on and off the field. Built on a 120-year foundation of excellence, our well-rounded experience surrounds student-athletes with a network of support that creates championship results in the classroom and on the court. Gustavus provides equitable and competitive intercollegiate athletic experiences and club, intramural, and recreational opportunities in an environment that supports the academic excellence, well-being, and holistic education of all student-athletes. Our student-athletes carry the values of integrity, excellence, respect, teamwork, and leadership.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center works to foster the mental health and well-being of the Gustavus community. To achieve this, staff psychologists provide an array of high-quality services to students, administrators faculty and staff: individual and group counseling for students experiencing personal, emotional, or psychological difficulties; developmental programming for students, student organizations, residence halls, residential life staff and others requesting such services; consultation services for all members of the Gustavus community; and crisis intervention.

Health Service

The mission of Gustavus Health Service is to promote and provide quality health care and education, while enhancing healthy lifestyles. The Health Service is both a full service medical clinic and like a high school nurse's office. Appointments with a medical provider are billed to insurance like a regular clinic, but questions for a nurse are free of charge. All health insurances are accepted at the Health Service. The clinic is staffed by advanced practice providers and nurses, a dietitian, a psychiatric nurse practitioner and a small pharmacy. The Health Service is open 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday, while school is in session.

Should students require hospitalization they are sent to River's Edge Hospital (located in St. Peter) or Immanuel St. Josephs-Mayo Hospital (located in Mankato). If non-emergent medical care is required when Health Service is not open, students can be seen at River's Edge Hospital Urgent Care.

Residential Life

The Residential Life program complements and supports the academic mission of the College by providing a living environment conducive to learning; a comfortable home where students can sleep, study and interact; and a community where the can further develop relationships and personal values and responsibility.

The Office of Residential Life manages all aspects of campus housing including room assignments, room changes and hall maintenance. The professional staff is available to students for personal counseling and mediation, and is responsible for the recruitment, training and performance of all residential staff and, through them, for hall programming.

Campus Activities Office

The Campus Activities Office serves the campus as a resource for student leadership in over 100 campus clubs and organizations. The Director and Assistant Director of Campus Activities work with leaders of various groups and other students to develop high-quality programs and activities for the campus. The Campus Activities Board plans over 175 social, educational and recreational events each year. Students learn to assess interests, develop plans and budgets and coordinate and promote their plans with others. This office also operates the campus information desk and Ticket Center. Campus Activities provides oversight for the fraternity and sorority system and acts to ensure compliance with College expectations as well as to promote and support the realization of goals consistent with the mission of the college. 

Community Engagement Center

Community Engagement Center (CEC) is dedicated to excellence in service and leadership by enhancing students’ understanding of issues of public concern, and supporting their academic, personal, and civic development through meaningful engagement for the purpose of fostering a life-long commitment to citizenship and building capacity in local communities.

GustieWELL Office

The GustieWELL Office, with help from the Peer Assistants (PAs), is dedicated to promoting well-being by providing quality wellness education and resources that support and enhance the lifestyles of our students. Our focus areas include: Chemical Health, Mental Health and Stress Management, Sexual Health, Sleep, and Nutrition and Physical Activity.

Gustavus Recreation Program

This program was created to provide a greater number and variety of recreation opportunities for Gustavus students. There have been Canoe/Kayak/SUP opportunities, Minnesota River canoe trips and outdoor games at 7-mile Park, ice fishing and pickleball. While not limited to outdoor activities, Gustavus and the surrounding areas have a plethora of hiking, biking, boating, boating and other outdoor opportunities. We want students to be able to get out and about to be active and involved outside of the academic environment.