Student Crisis Support Resources

Bias-related Behaviors/Hate Crimes

Information on how to report such activities, what the College will do in response, and what you can do to make a difference is available at by downloading the Stop the Hate brochure.


Copies of the Gustavus Adolphus College policy against Harassment are available online at or from the Dean of Students Office, the¬†Provost’s Office, or the Department of Human Resources.

Harassment Resource Persons
Harassment Advisers

Joyce Aarsvold Olin 121 507-933-7044
Hayden Duncan Vickner 215 507-933-6080
Jesus Hernandez Meija Carlson Admin. Bldg 206 507-933-7687
Alan Meier Campus Center 212 507-933-7682
Alisa Rosenthal Old Main 204H 507-933-7537
Jay Nordstrom Library 507-933-7558

Harassment Grievance Officers

Loramy Gerstbauer Old Main 204D 507-933-7421
Tom LoFaro Olin Hall 507-933-7463

Note: In certain circumstances, the College may select a Harassment Grievance Officer other than those identified above.

Sexual Assault

Gustavus Adolphus College considers any form of sexual assault to be a very serious offense which will not be tolerated in its community. The College will assist any student, faculty member of staff member who is a survivor of sexual assault and will discipline any person who violates its policy against sexual assault.

Addressing immediate physical and emotional trauma is of paramount importance. Get to a safe place and call for help. Call 507-933-6868 and ask to speak to a SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) member.

For more information go to the Gustie Guide online or contact the Dean of Students office at 507-933-7526 for assistance.