Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can I call when I’m not sure who I should ask a certain question or where I voice a specific concern?

A: The Dean of Students Office often functions as a resource and referral agency for parents and students. If you don’t know to whom to direct you inquiry or opinion, if you are unsure who office or program might handle a particular matter, or if your issues are multifaceted and you’re not sure where to begin, the Dean of Students Office might be a helpful place to start. Phone 507-933-7526

Q: Where is the Dean of Students Office located?

A: The Dean of Students Office is located on the main level of the Jackson Campus Center, Room 201. Students and/or parents are welcome to schedule an appointment or drop in.

Q: Are counseling services available?

A: The Counseling Center, located in Johnson Student Union, is staffed with a variety of professionals providing different counseling services. Psychologists can assist with social, personal, emotional and psychological concerns or challenges. In the Academic Support Center, academic counselors are available for assistance with academic support (learning strategies, organization, and time management) and disability support. The Chaplains are available to students for spiritual care and personal counseling, for assistance with religious, moral and theological issues.

Q: What is the College’s policy on alcohol?

A: The College’s Alcohol Policy state in part that the College seeks to foster an atmosphere in which abstinence from alcohol is accepted, respected and supported. The College also expects individuals and groups of legal age to make responsible choices with regard to alcohol use. Gustavus strives to provide education about alcohol and other drug use, to encourage responsible choices, and to intervene in situations where it has knowledge of individual misuse and abuse of chemicals. College regulations restrict the consumption of alcoholic beverages to designated areas and private rooms in the residence halls by residents who are of legal age. Known misuse and abuse of alcohol and irresponsible behavior resulting from it will not be tolerated, and are subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the College’s Statement of Student Responsibilities and Student Conduct Procedures.

Q: How does the College deal with students who have violated College policies?

A: Violations of College rules and regulations are normally addressed through the College Student Conduct System, special grievance officers, or other authorities charged with rule enforcement.

Q: When does the College contact parents about concerns for their student's behavior?

A: Although the College does not routinely contact parent when their student is found to have broken College rules, we may do so when the student has been found responsible for a serious violation and has thus jeopardized his or her status with the College. Because we believe that parents share a deep concern with us for the growth and development of our students, we send a copy of a letter sent to you son or daughter concerning the violation of the College policy when their status with the College is in jeopardy.

Q: Does the Book Mark have a website, and can students order textbooks there?

A: Yes. The Book Mark’s Web address is, and in addition to the online catalog of clothing, books, and gifts, students can order their textbooks. For details see their Textbook 101 page..

Q: Is parking allowed on campus?

A: Due to space constraints, the number of on-campus parking permits issued is limited. Submission of a parking application does not guarantee issuance of a permit. Students may apply for campus parking permits on a first-come, first-served basis. For parking information and permit applications, contact the Department of Campus Safety 24 hours a day. Students are charged a yearly fee for student parking permits. Visitor parking is provided on campus and is identified accordingly. If visitor parking is full, please contact the Campus Safety office for assistance 507-933-8888. All visitors wishing to park on-campus overnight must register their vehicles with Campus Safety and receive a temporary permit. 

Q: Is there an safety escort service?

A: An on-campus walking escort service is provided for members of the College community from dusk to dawn by the Department of Campus Safety. Mobile escorts for persons with physical disabilities are available 24 hours a day. All escorts may be requested by phoning 507-933-8888.