Intercultural Partners

Center for International and Cultural Education

Intercultural partners (IPs) are a handful of experienced international students who volunteer with CICE to help welcome new international students in the Fall and Spring, and help promote intercultural learning and understanding on campus. 

The IPs main duty is to assist with new orientation programs for incoming international students. This can include showing students around, attending and participating in workshops, and enjoying meals with new students. 

Being an IP is a special experience. This is how one former IP, Hanaa Alhosawi, describes the program:

"When I first came to Gustavus, IPs became my mentors and first friends, and they continued to be the friend and mentor that I can easily reach for advice or to have fun. They were a critical part of my college adjustment. Since IPs had a significant impact on my college life, I also wanted to be there for new incoming international students, so I decided to become an IP. I felt so fortunate to become an IP because I was able to provide advice and help that international students think is very helpful and also I get to meet amazing and wonderful people from all over the world and form new friends."

If you'd like to be an IP in the future, please email Jeff Anderson

2019-2020 Intercultural Partners

Luna Besaiso

Ratana Chheng 

Ruth Chuah

Jen Hang

Melanie Kistnasamy

Toni Rubia

Sanjeeda Shutrishna 

Angela Sun