New Student Registration Spring 2019


*The information below is for Spring 2018. It will be updated for Spring 2019 in October.

Mid-Year Registration: Spring 2018

Start Your Preparation Here:

  • Assignment A: Set up your Gustavus accounts
  • Assignment B: Prepare for your registration appointment
  • Assignment C: Register for classes!

Assignment A: Set up your Gustavus Accounts

  1. Follow the directions that were sent to the email address you used on your admission application to activate your Gustavus email account. If you have questions, please contact the Technology Helpline: or 507-933-6111.
  2. Follow the directions that were emailed to you to access your WebAdvisor account. This is the web-based system that allows students to access academic and financial information, register for courses, and check grades. If you have questions, please contact

Assignment B: Prepare for your registration appointment

  1. Have your final transcript(s) sent to the Registrar’s Office.
    • Importance of an official transcript of previous work:
      • To determine transfer of credit and progress toward degree
      • To register for Gustavus courses accurately
      • To determine athletic eligibility
    • Your choice of courses for the semester you begin is directly related to the credits you are transferring to Gustavus. You might have had preliminary conversations with the Admission Office to give you an indication of how you might continue coursework here; however, your final transcript is the key to your course registration.
  2. Take placement exams if appropriate.
    • Are you planning to take Non-English language or calculus during your first semester at Gustavus?
      • If you take the calculus and/or language placement exams, do so at least one week before speaking with an advisor.
      • These placement exams are only for placement into your next course, NOT to fulfill the MATHL or Non-English Language requirement.
      • Language Placement and Equivalency Exam Information
      • Calculus Placement Exam Information
      • We recommend that transfer students complete the Non-English Language requirement within the first two semesters at Gustavus, if they haven't already.
  3. Identify majors you are considering and classes required.
    • Are any of the majors you're considering those that must be started right away?
      • Not all courses are offered every semester, especially science, math, music, and language courses. Be careful to start a sequence in the fall for majors in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, elementary and secondary education, foreign languages, nursing, physics, and sciences for pre-professional interests, music, math and computer science.
    • Are you planning to complete pre-requisites pre-professional interests?
      • If you are considering interests such as pre-med, pre-PT, pre-OT, pre-vet, or pre-pharmacy, please refer to the Academic Catalog or Health Professions for information about how to proceed in that sequence in order to be ready for the professional school admission test.
      • Remember, a pre-professional interest is not a major. You must major in an academic department while taking prerequisite courses to be ready for the professional school admission test.
      • See specific requirements if considering Nursing or Elementary and Secondary Education.
  4. Identify other classes you would like to take.
  • Are there courses that you would like to take as electives? Which subjects interest you?
    • After choosing your main courses, fit your lab times, physical activities (ACT) or personal fitness (FIT) from the Health and Exercise Science department (HES) around your academic courses. They have more than one time option.
    • Browse classes listed in WebAdvisor – Click on Search for Classes – at top of screen, click on various Course Lists to see what is available.
  • Do you have a special scholarship (art, music, theatre) that requires you to register for a course or lessons?
  • Are you planning to audition for music ensembles or take music lessons?
    • Register for the audition found in the MUS section of the Search for Classes screen.
    • Contact Vicki Fischer at with questions.
  • Have you been in contact with a coach about playing on a varsity athletic team?
    • You can get credit toward your ACT (activity) requirement by playing. Register for that team in HES (150’s). Be sure your last class ends by 3:30 PM in order to leave time for practice.
    • Your final transcript(s) must be received and reviewed in order for you to participate

5. Search for classes using WebAdvisor on the Gustavus website.

  • Make a long list of open courses that interest you and plot them on the Weekly Planning Sheet to see how they fit by time.
  • Review the Academic Catalog for requirements, course descriptions, prerequisites, and level of difficulty. Browse WebAdvisor/SearchForClasses. At the top click on Gen. Ed. Approvals and on the semester you are registering for to see a list of courses offered that fulfill one or more general education (LAP) requirements.
  • Remember that you are registering for your entering semester only. Register for at least 3.75 credits but no more than 4.8. (one semester course credit = 4 semester hours)
  • Remember the Rule of Thirds: You need 34 credits to graduate: about 1/3 your major, 1/3 Liberal Arts Perspective (general education) and 1/3 elective courses – anything you want to take. 34 course credits come from 31 semester courses, 2 January-IEXs, .5 FIT from HES and .5 ACT from HES.

Assignment C: Register for Classes

Please call or email the Center for Academic Resources & Enhancement (CARE) at 507-933-7156 or to schedule your registration appointment with a CARE advisor.

*Be sure to have completed Assignments A & B above prior to your registration appointment. This includes having FINAL TRANSCRIPTS sent to Gustavus by any previous colleges or universities. It is your responsibility to ensure that these transcripts are sent to Gustavus.*

An advisor will be available to advise you by phone or on campus (phone is preferred) on one of the following dates:

Monday, November 20
Monday, December 4
Monday, December 18
Tuesday, January 16
Monday, January 29

  • For this initial registration appointment, a CARE advisor will review your previous work and assist you with class registration.
  • If you ARE NOT ready to declare a major right away, the CARE advisor will then assign you to a Gustavus professor who will serve as your academic advisor until you are ready to declare a major.
  • If you ARE ready to declare a major right away, tell this to the CARE advisor who assists you with class registration. They will assign you to a Gustavus professor in the appropriate department.

Additional Information:


The Gustavus Campus Activities Office will conduct a brief new student orientation on Sunday, February 11. 2-day Orientation is intended to assist you with your transition to Gustavus and sense of belonging in the community. You will receive more information about orientation in the future. Please direct any questions to Andrea Junso at or 507-933-7598 in the Campus Activities Office. Move-in Day is Sunday, February 11, 2018. Classes begin on February 12, 2018.

Are you a student with a disability who may need academic accommodations?

If so, please consult the Accessibility Resources website about the services offered and how to contact staff with your questions. We welcome all students; it is the policy of Gustavus Adolphus College to provide appropriate accommodations for enrolled students who have disabilities.

Congratulations, and welcome to Gustavus!