Honorary Gustie

The Honorary Gustie Award pays special tribute to individuals who, while not having graduated from or attended Gustavus, have earned the conferred right to be considered bona fide “Gusties” by approval of the Alumni Board of Directors. Criteria includes length of dedicated service to, interest in, and enthusiastic support for the College as professor, instructor, teacher, administrator, coach, staff member, clergy, parent, friend, or spouse of a graduate.

Honorary Gustie Awardees
Year Awarded First Name Last Name
2018 Ann Volk
2018 Todd Prafke
2017 Doug Nimmo
2017 Judy Douglas
2017 Larry Taylor
2017 Thalia Taylor
2016 Warren Wunderlich
2016 Margi Willmert
2016 Bob Moline
2016 Joanne Kendall
2015 Mary Ellen Malkasian
2015 George Malkasian
2015 Ken Westphal
2015 Philly Kauffmann
2013 Elaine Brostrom
2013 Sue Gray
2013 Willie Lindquist
2012 Tom Brown