Gustavus Alumni Mentoring Program



The Gustavus Alumni Mentoring Program partners Gustavus alumni professionals one-to-one with upperclass economics, managment, accounting and international managment majors for career preparation assistance. Mentors and their mentees connect regularly throughout the academic year to discuss everything from study habits to career choices.

Mentors tell it like it is. They provide another voice that stresses the importance of a strong work ethic, a professional attitude and effective time management. 

Mentors show the ropes. They encourage students to watch them in action and teach them how to get the job done; they acquaint students with their colleagues and their professional organizations.

Suggested Monthly Activities

    +Resume: Review your mentees resume.
    +Cover letter:  Offer helpful suggestions on a cover letter.
   +Linked In: Add your mentee to your Linked In contacts.
   +J-term internship: If appropriate, help you mentee secure a January career exploration or internship.

+Summer internship or job: Ask your mentee if she/he has a summer internship or job.
+After graduation plans: If your mentee is graduating, find out what his or her plans are.

+Vocational journey: Share with your mentee the ups and downs of how you have gotten to where you are now. Be sure to tell about the failures as well as the successes.



It is our hope that the Gustavus alumni participating in the Alumni Mentoring Program will interact with their student on a monthly basis. During these phone calls, emails, or meetings, alumni are encouraged to offer advice and insight on important subjects such as resume building, interviewing, networking, and job searching. Suggestions for specific topics will be offered by our team. Alumni participants will also be strongly encouraged to attend beginning banquet and provide feedback on the program. Two daylong job-shadow opportunities for their student at their place of work or a month-long career exploration during January Term would be highly valuable to our students..

How to Apply

Please contact the Director for Mentoring, Vocation & Leadership, Amy Pehrson,, if you wish to participate in the alumni mentoring program. Invitations to participate are emailed out to alumni each August.


Be sure to check out all of the resources on the Center for Servant Leadership's website.