AP, IB, & Other Credit


Not only do advanced courses—like AP or IB classes—better prepare you for the academic transition from high school to college and demonstrate your preparation for admission, they can also earn you course credit at Gustavus.

Students who score a 4 or 5 on the College Board's Advanced Placement exams or a 4 or higher on the Higher Level International Baccalaureate exams, will receive credit towards graduation from Gustavus. Some courses transfer as equivalent courses to those offered at Gustavus. Some even fulfill graduation "area requirements" (read more about these acronyms in our catalog).

Generally, other college credit can be given to students who have taken courses through PSEO, College in the Schools, or online coursework-- as long as the higher education institution is accredited, the student can receive a college transcript, and the student receives a C grade or better. Students can transfer the equivalent of eight Gustavus course credits (32 semester or 48 quarter credits).

Curious to know if your college courses will transfer to Gustavus? Complete and submit an Unofficial Review of College Courses form to our office. To learn more about transferring credits to Gustavus, contact your admission counselor.

Advanced Placement
Course Equivalent Area
History of Art ART-101 ARTS
Drawing ART-110 ARTS
2D Design ART-112  
Studio Art   ARTS
General Biology BIO-101 NASP
General Chemistry CHE-107 NASP
Macroeconomics E/M-101 SOSCI
Microeconomics E/M-102  
Language & Composition One ENG Elective WRITI
Literature & Composition One ENG Elective LARS, WRITI
Environmental Science One ENV Elective  
French Language FRE-202  
French Literature FRE-202  
German Language GER-202  
Human Geography GEG-101 SOSCI
Japanese Language JPN-202  
European History One HIS Elective HIPHI
United States History One HIS Elective HIPHI
World History One HIS Elective HIPHI
Latin: Literature LAT-231 LARS
Latin: Virgil LAT-232 LARS
Calculus AB MCS-121 MATHL
Calculus BC MCS-122 MATHL
Statistics MCS-142 MATHL
Computer Science A MCS-177 MATHL
Computer Science AB MCS-178  
Music Literature MUS-101 ARTS
Music Theory MUS-111 & MUS-103  
Physics B PHY-120/121  
Physics C - Mechanics .50 PHY Elective  
Physics C PHY-122/121  
American Government & Politics POL-110 SOSCI
Comparative Government & Politics POL-150 SOSCI
General Psychology PSY-100 SOSCI
Spanish Language SPA-200  
Spanish Literature SPA-200  
International Baccalaureate
Course Equivalent Area
Survey of Art ART-101 ARTS
Art/Design One ART Elective ARTS
Visual Art One ART Elective ARTS
General Biology BIO-101 NASP
General Chemistry CHE-107 NASP
Classical Languages One CLA Elective  
Macroeconomics E/M-101 SOSCI
Microeconomics E/M-102  
Business & Management E/M-00  
College English One ENG Elective WRITI
French Language FRE-202  
Intro Geography GEG-101 SOSCI
German Language GER-202  
History of the Americas One HIS Elective HIPHI
History of Europe HIS-120 HIPHI
History of Africa One HIS Elective HIPHI, NWEST
History of Asia/Oceana HIS-00 HIPHI, NWEST
History Survey One HIS Elective HIPHI
Japanese Language JPN-202 NWEST
Calculus I MCS-121 MATHL
Intro Computer MCS-170 MATHL
Survey of Music MUS-101 ARTS
Intro Philosophy PHI-108 HIPHI
Intro Physics PHY-100 NASP
Intro Psychology PSY-100 SOSCI
Russian Language RUS-202  
Anthropology S/A-111 SOSCI, NWEST
Spanish Language SPA-200  
Swedish Language SWE-202  
Theatre Arts T/D-101  

* Read more about these courses and acronyms in our catalog.