Retention and Graduation RatesReturn on Education

Gustavus Adolphus College ranks at the very top in first-year to sophomore year retention among all institutions of higher learning. The fact that nearly nine out of every 10 first year students at Gustavus return for their sophomore year demonstrates that they are satisfied with the college choice they made and pleased with the education they are receiving. In addition, 7 out of every 10 students that begin their academic careers at the College graduate four years later, which is an even stronger indicator that the perceived quality of the academic experience at Gustavus is in fact delivered resulting in students graduating on time and with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead rewarding and successful lives after graduation.

Gustavus takes great pride in providing a quality education that can be completed within four years. This opportunity to successfully graduate in four years becomes even more important when compared to larger state universities and other public institutions, where it often takes five and even six years to complete an undergraduate degree.

Retention and Graduation Rate

* 5 year data not available