Return on Education

What is COLLEGE R.O.E. (Return On Education)?

College R.O.E. is a multi-year intercollegiate, interdisciplinary, and intergenerational initiative being led by Gustavus to do what’s never been done before: quantify the holistic return on a college investment.

Why are we leading COLLEGE R.O.E.?

To help you make the best decision on where to invest your hard-earned college education dollars.

How are we leading COLLEGE R.O.E.?

We think an effort this bold will take the requisite amount of time and collaboration to deliver a truly effective measurement tool, with the work organized over three phases:


Phase One

Phase one will define a set of investment dimensions and develop algorithms to measure return on those dimensions.


Phase Two

Phase two will beta test the dimensions and algorithms with a co-hort of college alumni, including but not limited to Gustavus.


Phase Three

Phase three will fine tune the model and establish a new standard for measuring the return on your college investment, at Gustavus or anywhere else.

We’re excited about what COLLEGE R.O.E. will eventually do to help you make the best college investment decision possible. In the meantime, you’ll always be able see and compare how a Gustavus investment holds up to the standard metrics of career placement, salaries, and post-graduate degrees.

All fine accounts, but not the only ones that count.