Psychological Science

Name Title Phone Web
Marie Walker Professor (Chair) 507-933-7412
Jennifer Ackil Professor 507-933-7418
Mark Kruger Professor 507-933-7415 web
Richard Martin Research Professor
Kyle Chambers Associate Professor 507-933-7063 web
Michael Ferragamo Associate Professor 507-933-6369
Janine Wotton Associate Professor 507-933-7305 web
Kayla De Lorme Assistant Professor 507-933-6351
Lauren Hecht Assistant Professor and MCMS Representative 507-933-7518 web
Lucille Holmgreen Assistant Professor 507-933-7445
Patricia Reeder Assistant Professor 507-933-7416
Mary Saczawa Visiting Assistant Professor 507-933-6838
Maureen Carlson Laboratory and Animal Care Coordinator 507-933-7334 and 507-933-6239
Heather Ungerer Administrative Assistant 507-933-7413