Patrick Heath


Assistant Professor in Psychological Science

My research focuses on psychological help-seeking behavior and factors that influence the decision to seek help. This includes examining factors that typically keep people from seeking out psychological services like mental health stigma and gender role expectations (e.g., masculinity), as well as factors that might increase rates of seeking help like self-compassion and self-affirmation. Recently, I have started to develop and test web-based interventions that could help mitigate the effects of barriers like stigma on the decision to seek help. My research typically utilizes advanced statistical methodology, like structural equation modeling and invariance testing, to examine the relationships between these factors. I have also used these methods to examine measurement invariance, or whether questionnaires behave differently across different groups of people.

The majority of my research focuses on college students since this is the first time in most people's lives where they make independent decisions about whether or not to seek help. I've also focused on groups of people who are at especially high risk for mental health concerns.


B.S. University of Wisconsin; M.A. University of Minnesota; Ph.D. Iowa State University. I completed my clinical internship at the University of Iowa Counseling Service.


Reading, Travel, Local music, and Cycling