Bob PirokFaculty

Research Professor in Chemistry

Bob Pirok obtained his PhD in 2019 in Amsterdam, defending two books of research, with the distinction cum laudeand worked before at Shell. He is currently tenure-track assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam and focuses on the application of chemometrics to analytical chemistry with a special interest in method development and data analysis for multi-dimensional chromatography. Other areas of interest include retention modeling and (reaction) modulation techniques for LC×LC. Originally studying Chemistry to become a high-school teacher, Bob is passionate about education and collaboratives actively in international projects which aim to innovate teaching methods in STEM disciplines. 

He is visiting research professor at Gustavus in the group of Prof. Dwight R. Stoll where he works on analytical method development for liquid chromatography as well as computational strategies for data processing.

He received a number of international recognitions, including a Shimadzu Young-Scientist Award at HPLC2015 Beijing, the Young-Scientist-Award Lecture during the SCM-8 meeting in Amsterdam in 2017, the Csaba Horváth Young-Scientist Award at HPLC2017 Prague, the Journal of Chromatography Award during the ISCC Conference in Riva de Garda in 2018, and the SCM Award at the SCM-9 meeting in Amsterdam in 2019.

Pirok is the writer of the recently granted 1.2M€ NWO ENW-PPS TA PARADISE proposal coordinated by PI Prof. Arian van Asten. He was selected as Early Career Board member for the ACS journal Analytical Chemistry starting from 2021. He was featured in the 2021 edition of the Power List by the Analytical Scientist. The Power List presents the 100 world’s most influential analytical scientists as an inspiration to their fellows.



B.Sc. Chemistry, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands; M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands; Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands