Baili ChenFaculty

Associate Professor in Math, Comp Sci, and Statistics

Courses Taught

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
MCS-121 Calculus I 25 2024/SP, 2023/FA, 2023/SP, 2022/FA, 2022/SP, 2021/SP, 2020/FA, 2019/FA, 2017/SP, 2016/FA, 2014/FA, 2014/SP, 2013/FA, and 2011/FA
MCS-140 Elementary Statistics 21 2020/SP, 2013/SP, 2012/FA, 2012/SP, 2011/SP, 2010/FA, 2010/SP, 2009/FA, 2009/SP, and 2008/FA
MCS-122 Calculus II 15 2024/SP, 2019/SP, 2018/FA, 2018/SP, 2017/FA, 2017/SP, 2016/SP, 2015/FA, 2012/FA, and 2008/FA
MCS-221 Linear Algebra 9 2023/FA, 2023/SP, 2022/FA, 2022/SP, 2021/SP, 2011/SP, 2010/FA, 2010/SP, and 2009/FA
MCS-228 Math & CompSci Proofs 7 2020/FA, 2019/FA, 2018/FA, 2017/FA, 2016/FA, 2016/SP, and 2015/FA
MCS-220 Intro Analysis 6 2022/FA, 2021/SP, 2020/FA, 2020/SP, 2019/SP, and 2018/SP
MCS-321 Elementary Theory of Complex Variables 2 2016/SP and 2014/SP
MCS-253 Differential Equations 2 2009/FA and 2009/SP
MCS-350 Honors Thesis 1 2014/FA
MCS-142 Introduction to Statistics 1 2014/FA
MCS-357 Dynamical Systems 1 2013/FA
MCS-331 Real Analysis 1 2011/FA