Jillian Downey ’08Alumni and Faculty

Associate Professor in Math, Comp Sci, and Statistics


BA in Mathematics from Gustavus Adolphus College (2008); MS in Statistics from the University of Iowa (2010); PhD in Statistics from Iowa State University (2017)

Courses Taught

MCS-142 (Introduction to Statistics) and MCS-358 (Mathematical Model Building)

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
MCS-142 Introduction to Statistics 10 2023/FA, 2022/FA, 2022/SP, 2021/SP, and 2020/SP
MCS-140 Elementary Statistics 4 2021/FA and 2019/FA
MCS-342 Probability and Statistics II 3 2022/SP, 2021/SP, and 2020/SP
MCS-358 Math Model Building 2 2022/JN and 2020/JN
MCS-341 Probability & Stats I 2 2021/FA and 2020/FA
MCS-242 Applied Statistical Methods 2 2020/FA
MCS-114 Intro Stat Lit 1 2023/JN
MCS-189 Introduction to Data 1 2022/FA
MCS-354 Topics in Adv Statistics 1 2022/SP