PESC Members

President's Environmental Sustainability Council

2020-21 Membership*

President (ex officio): Rebecca Bergman
Vice President for Finance and Treasurer (ex officio): Curt Kowaleski
Provost and Dean of the College (ex officio): Brenda Kelly
Associate Provost and Dean of Sciences and Education (Provost's designee): Valerie Banschbach
Johnson Center for Environmental Innovation Co-Director (ex officio): Chuck Niederriter (fall) and Jeff Jeremiason (spring) Chair
Arboretum Director (ex officio): Scott Moeller
Auxiliary Services Associate VP (ex officio): Steve Kjellgren 

Director of Residential Life (or designee): Anthony Bettendorf
Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management Director (ex-officio): Dale Plemmons
Faculty representative (appointed by the Faculty Senate): Ian Hill, Chemistry
Faculty representative (appointed by the Faculty Senate): Darsa Donelan, Physics Vice Chair
Physical Plant Director (or designee) (ex officio): Travis Jordan
Staff representative (Administrative): Nick Sonsteby
Staff representative (Non-administrative): Adam Ellefson, Landscape Specialist
Student representative (At-large): Signe Jeremiason
Student representative (Student Senate appointment): Audrey Ochtrup-DeKeyrel 

*Where not specified, non-ex officio positions recruited by Cabinet in collaboration with the PESC