The Law School Date Assembly Service (LSDAS) puts together the data derived from a candidate’s transcripts and LSAT(s). By setting up an LSAC Online Account, you can:

  • receive your LSAT score early by mail
  • Register for the LSAT
  • Register for the LSDAS
  • Purchase test preparation and law school information
  • Purchase the LSACD electronic law school applications and apply online to law schools
  • Have 24-hour access


You do not send transcripts directly to law schools. LSDAS takes care of transcripts and the LSAT scores (and, if you choose, your letters of recommendation---see below under "Letters of Recommendation").

The LSDAS places grades from institutions with varying grade point systems on the same scale to allow the law schools to evaluate all students on a more or less equivalent basis. The Service combines information from all transcripts you send, so credits that may not be computed in your current undergraduate GPA will be calculated in the LSDAS report of your GPA.

You must submit official transcripts from every place where you received college credit. These include:

  • undergraduate and graduate schools
  • law/medical/professional schools
  • schools attended for summer or evening courses
  • schools attended even though a degree was never received
  • schools from which you took college-level courses while in high school even though they were for high school credit
  • schools that sponsored your exchange or cooperative program abroad