This Guide is intended to answer some of the most common practical questions asked by students and alumni considering careers in the law: Is law school really for me? How do I prepare to enter the legal profession? What is the LSAT? How should I prepare for it? What is the LSDAS? How do I apply to law school? Can I afford it? How do I write a good personal statement?

Your first stop for information is the Law School Admission Council website, You can also find information in the Career Center and from the Gustavus Pre-Law advisor. We invite you to review these resources and to talk with us about your questions, concerns, and plans for a future in the law. This Pre-Law Guide is a good start, but is by no means a complete resource for investigating law schools or the legal profession.

Acknowledgment: Thanks to Ava Preacher, Assistant Dean, University of Notre Dame, for allowing us to use the Notre Dame Prelaw Guide as we crafted the Gustavus Adolphus Pre-Law Guide.