This checklist assumes that the application process begins for you in the spring, approximately 18 months before you expect to enter law school. For summer or mid-year admission, adjust the schedule accordingly.

  1. _____ February–June Prepare for LSAT (assuming that you take the June or October LSAT). Use the released LSATs in the Library, attend the on-campus LSAT preparation seminar, and obtain the Official LSAT Superprep from You should devote at least 4 hours per week to test preparation.
  2. _____ April–May Register for the LSAT and LSDAS at (registration deadline: one month before test).
    • Receive LSAT Admission Ticket.
    • Receive LSDAS Subscription Confirmation.
    • Receive LSAC Activity—Update each month that activity occurs on your file (you can also check online).
  3. _____ June Take the LSAT.
  4. _____ July Receive LSAT score and begin writing your personal statement.
  5. _____ Aug/Sept Research law schools and compose a schedule of application deadlines.
  6. _____ Aug/Sept Send official transcripts to LSDAS from each school you attended. Allow 2 weeks for LSAC to process your transcripts. You will receive a Master Law School Report when all of your transcripts are summarized.
  7. _____ Aug/Sept Request Letters of Recommendation from each writer.
  8. _____ Sept/Oct Finalize your personal statement.
  9. _____ Sept–Nov Meet with admissions representatives on campus and at the Law School Forum in Chicago in October.
  10. _____ Oct/Nov Apply to law schools. Schools will then request LSDAS reports from LSAC. Be sure to check your Activity Update reports or check your status online.
  11. _____ January File FAFSA forms and financial aid applications.
  12. _____ January–May Visit law schools to aid in your decision process.
  13. _____ April–June Be sure to pay your seat deposit on time.