The Law School Aptitude Test (LSAT) is required for application to law school. This test is offered four times a year. In most cases, the best time to take this examination is in June of a student's junior year. It is a difficult examination for which one should rigorously prepare.

Visit the Web site of the Law School Admissions Council to:

  • Register for the LSAT.  The Registration Fee is $123 (Late registrants pay an additional $62);
  • Obtain LSAT preparation materials; and
  • Create your personal account for the LSDAS and letters of recommendation.

2007-08 LSAT Test Date Information

Please check to ensure that these dates are accurate.

Test Date Registration Deadline Late Registration by Mail
Saturday, Sept. 29 past past
Saturday, Dec. 1 Oct. 30 Oct. 31 to Nov. 6
Saturday, Feb. 2 Jan. 2, 2008 Jan. 3–8, 2008

* Saturday Sabbath Observers should check with the LSAC for Monday test dates.