Records Management at
Gustavus Adolphus College
from the College and Lutheran Church Archives

What is Records Management?

Records Management is the systematic control of all records from creation to destruction. A "record" is defined as anything you receive or create as part of your work. This includes paper, electronic, electronic media, and microform versions of material. A complete definition can be found at M.S. 138.17 subdivision 1.

Why do Records Management?

A records management program is an important feature of any organization. It can help the organization save money, time, and space through effective management of records. In addition, there are laws governing the retention of certain records.

Gustavus Adolphus College (“the College”) takes seriously its obligations to preserve information relating to litigation, audits, and investigations.

Failure on the part of employees to follow this policy can result in civil and criminal sanctions against the College and its employees and disciplinary action against responsible individuals. The Vice President for Finance and the Audit Committee will periodically review these procedures with legal counsel or the College’s certified public accountant to ensure that they are in compliance with new or revised regulations.

Board Approved: 21 June 2009

Records Management at Gustavus

The College and Lutheran Church Archives manages the Gustavus Records Center, a secure and remote storage facility for the temporary storage of college records. Stored records should have a specific life span whether it is 2 or 20 years.

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