Records Management at
Gustavus Adolphus College

Retention Schedules

What is a Retention Schedule?

A Retention Schedule is a guideline departments follow for storing all records, both active and inactive. The retention schedule also identifies what happens to the records when they are no longer needed within the department. Gustavus departments must follow the appropriate retention schedule. If records do not fit the retention schedule, please contact either the President's Office or the College Archives for more information.

Retention Schedules

As found in All-College Policies document, the College's Record Retention and Destruction Policy schedules are listed below.

What Happens to Records?

Low use records may be transferred to the Gustavus Records Center for temporary storage. When records have reached the end of their required retention period, College Archives staff will contact the department about scheduled disposition. This may mean shredding or archiving as appropriate. All shredding will be handled by Minnesota Waste Processing, the Gustavus contracted shredding company.