Gender, Women, and Sexuality

2023/SP Philosophical Puzzles PHI-109 001 Joshua Brown
2023/SP Controversies in Feminism GWS-118 001 Elizabeth Kubek
2023/SP Controversies in Feminism GWS-118 002 Elizabeth Kubek
2023/SP American Women Writers ENG-124 001 Vera Foley
2023/SP U.S. Women Writers GWS-124 001 Vera Foley
2023/SP Gender/Sex & Holocaust GWS-236 001 Sharon Marquart
2023/SP Gender/Sex & Holocaust GWS-236 002 Sharon Marquart
2023/SP Body Perspectives S/A-246 001 Julia Mulligan
2023/SP Soc of Medicine S/A-262 001 Julia Mulligan
2023/SP Women Writing Africa GWS-275 001 Martha Ndakalako
2023/SP Resistance/Liberation GWS-280 001 Lori Carsen Kelly ’83
2023/SP Gender-Immigration US GWS-284 001 Lai Sze TSO
2023/SP Vlnrblty, Knwldge, Disaster GWS-290 001 Sharon Marquart
2023/SP Communication and Gender COM-383 001 Sarah Wolter ’02