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  • #REDIRECT [[Migrating to GusMail (Powered by Google)]]
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  • The Applications page gives you quick access to some useful web based resources. ...private will not be shared on the Gustavus Search (Gribly) or be view-able to others in your profile.
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  • ...member nation. Non-compliance may lead to very stiff fines, but it remains to be seen how entities outside of the EU will be affected, if at all. ...five years alone, more than 35 states have enacted laws that are relevant to how institutions of higher education use student data.
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  • == '''Instructions for students and faculty members who are Gusmail users''' == ...y, extension etc. The class of 2020 students have been automatically using Gusmail.
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  • [[Image:Gusmail-logo.png|150px|right]] ...ail is the Gustavus branded G Suite for Education email interface (GMail). GusMail has replaced the legacy Gustavus email system.
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  • '''Webmail''' refers to a [[World Wide Web|web]]-based [[e-mail client]]. ...bmail client for anybody with a Gustavus e-mail account. It is a great way to check e-mail because of its speed, ease-of-use, and worldwide availability.
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