Sign in chrome

Instructions for students and faculty members who are Gusmail users

After you changed your password after migrating to Gusmail, you may have trouble signing into your Google Chrome browser, to import your Google account bookmarks, history, extension etc. The class of 2020 students have been automatically using Gusmail.

Follow through the steps on this page to sign in Chrome browser.

Step 1: Go to "settings" under Chrome hamburger menu. A settings tab will open up. 1.PNG

Step 2: Click on "Sign in your account". 2.PNG

Ignore the new sign-in tab that automatically opens up. Going back to the settings tab, you will find a small sign-in window. Fill out your Gustavus username and password there. 3.PNG 4.PNG

Step 3: When the sign-in process is processing, it may open multiple additional sign-in tabs. Ignore them. Finally, Chrome will ask you to link your Google data and Chrome settings. Click on "Link Data". Your Chrome bookmarks will start appearing on the bookmark bar and the browser theme will change (if you previously use a nondefault theme). If the spinning wheel doesn't go away after a while, you can close Chrome and open up a new Chrome window. 5.PNG