Gustavus username

A Gustavus User Account or Username is a unique identifier that each user at Gustavus is assigned. If you are a student, faculty member, support staff, administrator, or alumnus/alumna of Gustavus, you will have a Gustavus User Account or Username.

Your Gustavus username, along with your passphrase, will allow you to access and use various services provided by Technology Services including your e-mail account, home directory, Gustavus Google Apps, Moodle, Office365, and other web resources. Your Gustavus User Account also provides access to other resources.

New faculty and students

If you are new faculty member, staff or a new student and do not have a Gustavus username and passphrase, or don't know what it is, please contact the Technology Helpline (507-933-6111 or You will need your Gustavus ID number.

Please see Technology Information for New Gusties.


If you are an alumnus/alumna, you have already been assigned a username. It is usually the first letter of your first name followed by the first seven letters of your last name. If you graduated before 2001, an underscore and then your full class year follows your name (ie _1979.) If you do not recall receiving a username, or have forgotten what it is, please contact the Alumni and Parent Engagement Office for assistance.

Don't know your username?

If you do not know your username but you have a Gustavus e-mail address, your username is always the portion of your Gustavus e-mail address without the "" part. For instance, if your Gustavus e-mail address is "" then your Gustavus username is fsmash.

Some individuals may not be aware that they have been assigned a Gustavus e-mail address (and username), but generally, if you do not have a Gustavus e-mail address, then you do not have a Gustavus username.

Generation method

Employees and students are given multiple options to choose as their username.

Offensive usernames

Occasionally, some users are automatically assigned a username that could be considered offensive. If you find your username offensive, Please contact the Technology Helpline at 507-933-6111,, stop by the Technology Services department in Olin Hall, or complete our contact form, for more information.

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