Moodle is an open-source online course management system. Gustavus maintains its own Moodle server, on which pages are automatically created for all Gustavus courses each term and are available for use by faculty, staff and students. Gustavus' Moodle site is located at


Moodle is our Learning Management System here at Gustavus. Moodle can be used to share files and links with students; can be used to quiz students online; can share grades for the course with students; and can be a powerful tool to use in a blended learning environment.

There are links below to the website that has the most current documentation:


Students can not post to a forum.

Open the forum, go to Edit settings, click Common Module Settings, select No Groups under Group Mode.

Grades are not adding up - it is giving my student 107% on an assignment

Go to the assignment and make sure that the points they entered for that gradable item match the maximum points for that grade item.

How do I impersonate someone in Moodle?

Click on the course, click participants, click the participant you want to impersonate. Click Login as under Administration. Note: it is best to do this in another incognito or private window.

Instructional Videos

Please visit our YouTube playlist for the basics on how to get started with Moodle at Gustavus.

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