A username is a string of characters used to uniquely identify an individual. Each student, support staff member, administrator, and faculty member at Gustavus is issued a unique username with 8 or fewer characters.

Gustavus students and employees are now permitted to select their own username during their account creation process. Usernames are selected from a number of pre-generated usernames based on the user's first and last name.

Previously, all students and employees were issued a username with the naming convention of first letter of first name + first 7 characters of last name. One of the usernames offered during the new account creation process still uses this convention.

In addition, the College previously recycled usernames of alumni and former employees. As of the graduating class of 2004 this practice has been stopped.

Naming convention

Some employees of the College have a custom username, but many usernames will follow this naming convention: first letter of first name + first 7 characters of last name. Usernames created with the new process may deviate from this convention, but all usernames will still possess elements from the user's first or last name.

When duplicate usernames would occur, the last character(s) of the username are replaced with a unique integer.

For example, Frodo Baggins' username would be fbaggins and his e-mail address would be If Frank Baggins received his Gustavus username after Frodo, Frank's username would be fbaggin2, since fbaggins was taken.

Username vs. e-mail address

It's important to note the difference between an e-mail address and a username.

A Gustavus username is just the first part of an e-mail address, without the "" part. Whenever you log into any online Gustavus resources, such as the Gribly, your username should not contain the "" part.