Chromebooks are laptops that run Chrome OS. These laptops are designed to utilize cloud resources as their primary storage location.


Processor speeds

Due to the processing power required for videoconferencing apps such as Zoom and Google Meet, Chromebook functionality with these apps, with lower end models of Chromebooks, have not produced satisfactory results.

Registering Computer

Please point your browser to and use your Gustavus username and password.

Printing at Gustavus

To print with a Chromebook at Gustavus, Chromebook users will use Web Print. Printing is limited to PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, and XPS file formats.

Using Specialized Software at Gustavus

Due to the nature of the software that is used at Gustavus, users can use the web version of our Virtual Lab to use Windows lab software.

Microsoft Office Use

Gustavus has an agreement that all users with a Gustavus username and password can use Office 365 for free. It the web-based version of Microsoft Office.

Keyboard shortcuts

ChromeOS Keyboard Shortcuts