Gustavus Library Associates

Gustie Gourmet Recipe Format

Gustavus Library Associates have decided to do a "Gustie Gourmet II" cook book and are looking for everyone’s newest and best recipes.

Our Deadline is September 1

The following categories will be in the cookbook:

  • beverages;
  • grilling;
  • slow cooker;
  • appetizers;
  • soups;
  • breakfast, brunch and breads;
  • salads;
  • sandwiches and Panini;
  • main dishes;
  • vegetables and side dishes;
  • desserts and baked goods;
  • Scandinavian;
  • quick and easy
  • Gustavus fare.

Exceptional recipes are welcome in all categories, but we ESPECIALLY NEED recipes in the following categories:

  • beverages, grilling, slow cooker, sandwiches and Panini, Scandinavian, and quick and easy.

Recipe writers—please help us by writing your recipes in a format that will be ready for the typist. THANKS!

  • List ingredients first, in the order they will be used in the recipe.
  • Capitalize first word of ingredient, as in "Juice of one large lemon". If ingredient begins with a numeral, write "1/2 cup fresh lemon juice"
  • Spell all words completely, using no abbreviations for measurements, etc.
  • Names of the specific type of cheese is capitalized. The word "cheese" is not capitalized, as Parmesan cheese.
  • Include measurement of baking pans to be used where it matters.
  • For oven dishes, please note if it is to be baked covered or uncovered.
  • Leave two spaces between the list of ingredients and the directions.
  • At bottom of recipe, write how many servings the recipe makes.

Please include your name and phone number, in case we have questions. Thank you, thank you, this will be a great help to the committee as it prepares recipes for the typist!

Please send recipes to:

Mary Brubacher
2471 Robin Oak Ridge
Minnetonka, MN 55305

Gustie Gourmet II Cookbook Committee