Author Day Speakers

Year Author
1977 Abigail McCarthy, author of Circles and Private Faces, Public Spaces
1978 Maria von Trapp, of the family immortalized by The Sound of Music
1980 Isaac B. Singer, Nobel laureate in literature
1981 Czeslaw Milosz, Nobel laureate in literature
Fall 1982 Irving Stone, biographical novelist, author of The Origin (Nobel Conference)
1983 June Goodfield, author of Playing God
1984 Barbara Flanagan, columnist for Minneapolis Star Tribune
1985 Susan Allen Toth, author of Blooming and Ivy Days
1986 Jim Gilbert, Minnesota author & naturalist
1986 Kathryn Christenson, poet/writer
1986 Elmer Suderman, poet/writer, author of What Can We Do Here?
1987 Lois Walfrid Johnson, inspirational author of Just a Minute, Lord
1987 Betty Westrom Skold, inspirational author of Me, Too, Zacchaeus
1988 Catherine Nelson Feste, motivational author of The Physician Within
1988 Birgit Hamburg, nutritionist/writer from Stockholm, Sweden
1988 Eskil Hemberg, composer of Saint Erik’s Crown
1990 Jim McPherson, historian, Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Battle Cry of Freedom
1990 Herbjørg Wassmo, Norwegian writer (Out of Scandinavia)
1990 Karlis Kaufmanis, “Star of Bethlehem” lecturer
1991 Bill Holm, poet/writer, author of Coming Home Crazy
1992 Marilyn Johnson Boe, poet, author of The 17th Avenue Poems
1992 Per Olov Enquist, Swedish novelist/dramatist/essayist/columnist (Out of Scandinavia)
1993 Ann Burckhardt, Star Tribune food columnist
1993 John Najarian, physician, author of more than 1,100 articles in all areas of transplantation
1994 John and Anne Murray, medical team, authors of numerous articles on their research in Central Africa
Fall 1994 Oliver Sacks, neurologist, author of Awakenings and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (Nobel)
Dec. 1994 Tom Hegg, author of A Cup of Christmas Tea (St. Lucia)
1995 Janet Martin and Suzann Nelson, humorists, authors of Cream Peas on Toast
1995 Max Von Sydow, Swedish movie and stage actor (Out of Scandinavia)
1996 Andrew Farkas, biographer, author of Jussi
1996 Theodor Kallifatides, Swedish novelist/dramatist/poet/critic (Out of Scandinavia)
1997 Loreli Steuer, First Lady of Gustavus, breakfast chat on Toni Morrison
1997 Toni Morrison, Nobel laureate in literature, author of Beloved
1997 Einar Kárason, Icelandic novelist/poet/screenwriter (Out of Scandinavia)
Fall 1998 Ann Patchett novelist, author of The Patron Saint of Liars
Spring 1999 Faith Sullivan, novelist, author of The Cape Ann
Spring 2000 Sandra Benitez, novelist, author of A Place Where the Sea Remembers
Fall 2000 Jeanne Ray, novelist, author of Julie and Romeo
Fall 2000 Linn Ullmann, Norwegian journalist/critic/novelist, author of Before You Sleep
Dec. 2000 Tom Hegg, author of A Cup of Christmas Tea
Spring 2001 Patricia Hampl, novelist/essayist/memoirist, author of I Could Tell You Stories
Spring 2002 Bill Holm, poet/writer, author of Eccentric Islands: Travels Real and Imaginary
Spring 2002 Ylva Eggehorn, Swedish poet, author of Child of the Sea (Out of Scandinavia)
Spring 2003 Stewe Claeson, Swedish novelist/short story writer (Out of Scandinavia)
Spring 2003 Kevin Kling, playwright/humorist/storyteller
Spring 2004 Thomas Friedman, New York Times columnist, author of From Beirut to Jerusalem
Fall 2004 Judith Guest, novelist, author of The Tarnished Eye
Spring 2005 Pete Hautman, young-adult novelist, author of Godless, and Mary Logue, poet, author of Settling
Spring 2005 Susan Leaf, essayist, author of Potato City
Fall 2005 Roger A. MacDonald, M.D., physician, author of A Country Doctor’s Casebook
Spring 2006 Robert Alexander, historical novelist, author of Rasputin’s Daughter
Fall 2006 Chuck Logan, thriller writer, author of Homefront
Dec. 2006 Lisa Lunge-Larson, children’s writer/storyteller, author of Noah’s Mittens (St. Lucia)
Spring 2007 Matthew Sanford, author of Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence
Spring 2008 Arvonne Fraser, author of She's No Lady: Politics, Family, and International Feminism
Fall 2008 Leif Enger, author of Peace like a River and Lin Enger, author of Undiscovered Country
Spring 2009 Deborah Keenan, poet of Willow Room and Kingdoms and Joyce Sutphen, poet of Naming the Stars and Straight Out of View
Spring 2010 Susan Busch Leaf, author of The Bullhead Queen: A Year on Pioneer Lake
Fall 2010 William Kent Krueger, author of the award-winning Cork O'Connor series of mystery thrillers
Spring 2011 Lise Erdrich, author and storyteller, Heid Erdrich, poet and playwright
Fall 2011 Laurie Hertzel, journalist
Spring 2012 Rebecca Fremo, writers workshop
Spring 2013 Peter Geye, author
Spring 2014 Sarah Stonich, author
Fall 2014 Kristin Swenson, religious scholar
Spring, 2015 Eric Dregni, author
Fall 2016 Allison McGhee, author