Patricia Lindell Scholarship Projects and Paper Awards

Gustavus Library Associates, the library friends organization, underwrites two important student ventures emphasizing the use of library resources. Given in alternate years, both of these awards are named in honor of the founder and first president of GLA.
  • The Patricia Lindell Scholarship provides an opportunity for a Gustavus student to work under the guidance of a librarian on a research project "of value to the Library and/or the College."
  • The Patricia Lindell Research Prize is awarded by the library faculty for a Gustavus academic course paper that demonstrates excellent use of source material.

Abstracts for all Lindell Scholarship Projects and Research Papers


Scholarship Projects

2011-12: A Digital History of the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library (Tristan Richards)
2009-10: Undergraduate Use of Library Space (Allie Skjerven)
2008-09: Leisure Reading (Amara Berthelsen) - Powerpoint slides (pdf file)
2006-07: Common Reading Programs in Higher Education (Andi Twiton)
2004-05: Curiosity in the Classroom (Elizabeth Appleton)
2002-03: Not awarded
2001-02: Non-Arab Islam in Africa, Asia, Europe... (Carrie Reiling)
2000-01: Scott Morris
1999-00: "Rebuilding a Greater Gustavus" (Edward Woolford)
1998-99: Not awarded
1997-98: Institutional Research (Sarah Osgood)
1996-97: Student Research at Gustavus (Michelle Anderson)
1995-96: Keith Schroeder
1994-95: Not awarded
1993-94: Group Momentum in the GLA (Colin Klotzbach)
1992-93: Linnaeus Arboretum History (Janeen Laatsch)
1991-92: Christy Ross
1990-91: David Randolph
1989-90: Sameatnam [Saamiland and Its People]... (Miriam Walesko)
1988-89: Women Authors of the Developing World (Marisa Squadrito)
1987-88: Everett Myers
1986-87: The U.S. Constitution: An Annotated Bibliography (Kim Posch)
1985-86: Foreign Students at Gustavus Adolphus College (Michael Reed)
1984-85: Julie Kumble
1983-84: Women at Gustavus...1900-1930 (Sara Thompson)

Research Paper Awards

2014-15: Family, Patriotism, and Land Stewardship: Employing the Rural Ideal to Champion Corn Ethanol in Minnesota (Megan Wika)
2012-13: Jane Eyre: A Subversive Discussion of Gender, Class, and Sexuality (Anna Johnson)
2010-11: The Role of Interleukin-10 Mediated Pathways During HIV Infection (John Kennedy)
2007-08: False Memories: The Effect of Confidence Ratings... Available online in the Journal of Gustavus Undergraduate Psychology (Katie Jensen)
2005-06: Silence in the Cloister (Adrienne Donath)
2003-04: American Protestantism and its Impact... (Daniel Pioske)