Journal of Gustavus Undergraduate Psychology

The Journal of Gustavus Undergraduate Psychology serves as an outlet for publishing online the results of psychological research and reviews conducted and written by undergraduate students of Gustavus Adolphus College. Whereas the journal is intended primarily to showcase the independent honors projects of Gustavus psychology majors, any student may appeal to the Department Chair to include a report of noteworthy findings. Furthermore, one volume each year will be dedicated to publishing the abstracts of those projects presented at the Gustavus Psychology Research Symposium.

Volume 7 (May 2011)

  • Kirsten Engel - Studying with Flashcards: the Consequences of Retrieval Effort, Grouping, and Testing on Retention of Word Pairs
  • Alex Gjorvad - Attentional Effects of Viewing Nature
  • Paul Huff - Dispositional and Neural Correlates of Empathy
  • Tanner Winslow - Measures of Well-being

Volume 6 (May 2010)


  • Emma Iverson - Helping Others Helps Me: Prosocial Behavior as a Function of Identity Development and Self-regulation in Emerging Adulthood
  • Susan Kramer - The Effect of Attachment Style on Word Recognition in Social and Non-Social Narratives
  • Cathryn Nelson - Vowel Discrimination in Auditory Conditions Simulating Two Aspects of Hearing Loss
  • Jenny Grundman - Does Parenting Style Predict Identity and Emotional Outcomes in Emerging Adulthood?
  • Abbe Paulhe - Frontal Asymmetry and Changes in Attachment in First-Year College Students


Volume 5 (May 2009)

  • Kelly Anderson - Relationships Between Prosocial Behavior, Spirituality, Narcissism, and Satisfaction with Life
  • Christine Grotjohn - Gender Difference in Human Memory Under Stress
  • Emma Espel - Happiness and Related Components in Chilean and American Culture

Volume 4 (May 2008)

  • Alicia Blomquist
    Mental Health, Mental Illness, and Ideals on the Gustavus Adolphus College Campus
  • Lindsey Carlson
    Responding to Ostracism: Self-esteem Repair Through Facebook Profile Creation
  • Lindsey Cattau
    Religious Orientation, Coping Strategies, and Mental Health
  • Sarah Erickson
  • Naomi Garbisch
    Co-Rumination and Autobiographical Memory
  • Katie Jensen
    False Memories: The effect of confidence ratings on free recall tests
  • Stephanie Johnson
    An Investigation of the Relationship between the Weapon Focus Effect and In-Group Bias
  • Kim Maurelli
    The Influence of Description and Retrieval Processes on the Verbal Overshadowing Effect
  • Matt Novakovic
    Relationship Between Empathy, Mirror Neuron Activity, and Heart Rate
  • Taylor Olson
  • Jessica Woulfe
    Self-Efficacy and Culture: A comparison of Denmark and the United States

Volume 3 (May 2007)

  • Jo Ellison
    Ego Threats and Self-Esteem: The Impact of Social Comparisons
    on Relationships
  • Rachel Elvebak
  • Samantha Haseltine
    The Perception of Gender in Human Faces
  • Crystal Smith
    Change Blindness vs. Change Deafness: The Comparison of Two Sensory Phenomena

Volume 2 (May 2006)

  • Rachel Anderson
    The Role of Height, Gender and Self-Awareness in Character Perception: Who Benefits?
  • Heather C. Kay
    Socioemotional Selectivity Theory and Autobiographical Memory of College Students
  • Chris Rozek
    The Effects of Feedback and Attribution Style on Task Persistence
  • Julie Severson
    Perspective Taking and Common Interest Generation to Promote Self-Like Characteristics and Enhance Impressions of Strangers

Volume 1 (May 2005)

  • Kimberly K. Assad
    Co-Rumination Communication Patterns in Friendships and Romantic Relationships
  • Nicole Fuerstenberg
    Comparing Suggestive Interview Techniques and the Influence of a Warning in an Eyewitness Testimony Paradigm
  • Jamie Larson
    Myers-Briggs and Four-Type Structure: A principal Components and Equimax Study of the Four Dimensions of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Heidi Lawson
    Change Over Time: Evaluating the Self, Close Other, and Acquaintance