Refunds and Return of Title IV Funds

Refunds and Return of Title IV Funds:

The College policy for students withdrawing, voluntarily or by dismissal, can be found in the Student Refund Policy.

The entire room portion of the total tuition, room, and meal fee is non-refundable after classes have begun. 

The meal (board) portion of the cost of attendance will be divided by the number of weeks in the term (usually 15) to determine a per week amount. Then the per week amount will be multiplied by the number of weeks remaining in the term as of the date of withdrawal. This result will then be multiplied by a food cost factor of 35% to determine the actual credit.

Technology Fee, Student Government Fee, Transcript Fee, and Other Student Fees: These fees are non-refundable after classes have begun.

No refund or credit of any charges will be made to a student who is suspended or dismissed from the College for any reason on or after the first day of classes in a semester.

The amount of scholarship retained and/or the amount of repayment due to federal programs must be calculated in accordance with applicable regulations and are based on the percentage of earned costs.  Scholarship and loan adjustments and the return of federal funds are recorded to the student’s account.  Title IV funds must be returned in the following order: unsubsidized and subsidized Stafford loan funds, Perkins, PLUS, Federal Pell, ACG, SMART, SEOG, and other federal funding (loans).  Institutional scholarship funds are generally retained in proportion to the percentage of earned charges. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Gustavus grants and scholarships will be reduced by 35% if the student withdraws and receives a 35% reduction in the registration charge for tuition.