Attendee Information

A Royal Affair

Event Information

  • Event check-in and silent auction viewing start at 5 p.m.
  • A coat check will be available.
  • Dinner and program start at 7 p.m.
  • The party continues after the dinner until 11:30 p.m.
  • Dress is festive cocktail party attire.
  • Hotel and Parking Information
  • The JW Marriott is located at 2141 Lindau Lane, Bloomington at the Mall of America.

Parking Options

  • Valet parking is available at the main entrance of the hotel.
  • Self-park in the hotel underground parking ramp for a fee. The lot is located on the south side of the hotel, between where Sears used to be and the main entrance to the hotel.
    • Upon entering the parking ramp, stay in the right lane to enter the P1 parking level or if P1 is full, guests can access P2 by driving past the Mall of America Valet Lounge towards the “’Additional Hotel/Office Parking” wall sign and taking a left.
    • At either parking gate entrance, press the hotel button to take a ticket upon arrival.
    • Take the parking garage elevator up to the hotel main lobby.
    • If you are staying overnight, you will need to park in the hotel parking lot as your vehicle will get towed in the Mall of America lots if left overnight.
  • Park free at the Mall of America.
    • The north lots (by Ikea) is the Lindau lot and is located adjacent to the hotel.
    • Guests may enter the Mall of America and take the escalator to the second floor to the hotel entrance. 

Auction Information

  • The silent auction will open to event guests the week before the event.
    • Click on the link in the text message or email sent on Monday, November 7 to start bidding.
    • Smartphones or tablets will be used for auction bidding.
    • Auction assistants will be available to help with bidding during the event.
  • Couples will be given the same bid number to expedite the checkout and item pickup process.
    • Couples will be able to see what the other is bidding on. If you would prefer to have individual numbers, contact Cassandra Nelson at , call 507-933-7577, or request this change at the registration desk.
  • You may set a “maximum bid” and the system will notify you if you have been out-bid.
  • Auction purchases may be charged to credit cards or payable by check or cash.
  • High bidders must pick-up all auction items by the end of the night.

Dietary Restrictions or Accessibility Requests
To best meet dietary needs, please share any dietary allergies and in tolerances such as vegetarian, gluten free, and dairy free with Cassandra Nelson at or call 507-933-7577.

Event Questions
Reach out to Cassandra Nelson at or call 507-933-7577.