Student Teaching Opportunities

How can I use my skills as an educator abroad before I graduate?

Check out the beautiful photos on this page to see what student teaching looks like across the globe! 
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Student Teaching Locally

All Education Majors complete at least 2 placements during their Student Teaching, and everyone does at least one placement locally. Students are placed in classrooms anywhere around Gustavus or the cities, assigned based on preference. There are many diverse opportunities within the state to give students in the program ample experience to bring to their first job and to bring to an interview.

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Global Educators Program: Student Teaching Away

See the Global Educators Program Brochure: Global_Educators_Program_Brochure

Education majors are welcome to participate in half of a semester abroad to student teach. Different opportunities depend on the time of year and often result in students getting job offers before they leave the placement. This is a great way to immerse yourself in a diverse area and gain some skills that you might not gain from just student teaching locally.

These are our current offerings for teaching away, offered on a rotating basis.

-Sotogrande, Spain (Offered in the fall.), Pheonix (Offered in the fall.), Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota (Offered in the spring.) , Barrow, Alaska (Offered in the spring.), Molokai, Hawaii.(Offered in the spring).

-St Maarten (Offered odd years over J Term)

Hear alumni and faculty talk about teaching abroad here:

Other education-related courses, and opportunities, are being developed all the time. Interested students should visit the Center for International and Cultural Education and check out their website at for further information and registration procedures. 

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January Term Away

Education majors are encouraged to participate in January term courses that will immerse them in a broad range of experiences. Many January courses offer opportunities to explore the culture of different countries and are valuable learning experiences for future teachers who will be working with a range of individuals. These opportunities are usually centered around service within the education field, but not actually being in front of the classroom, and this makes it a great opportunity for newcomers to the department as well as students with more teaching experience. It's a great way to get a diverse experience without the pressure of teaching in a place you’ve never been.

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