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Jumbo Pretzel, Jalapeno
Jumbo Pretzel
Jumbo Pretzel, Sweet CC
Sesame Noodle Bowl
Szechuan Noodle Bowl
Mini Corn Dogs (8)
Homemade Mac & Cheese Bites
Asian Buffet - Rice and 1 Entree
Asian Buffet - Rice & 2 Entrees
Asian Buffet - Rice & 1 Entree & Eggroll
Asian Buffet - Rice & 2 Entrees & Eggroll
Veggie Stir Fry
Quinoa Bowl
African Bowl
Thanksgiving Meal $8.00 Choose your favorites (Only 1 Piece of Pie)
Roasted Turkey (Thanksgiving)
Ham (Thanksgiving)
Real Mashed Potato (Thanksgiving)
Herbed Stuffing (Thanksgiving)
Turkey Gravy (Thanksgiving)
Vegetarian Gravy (Thanksgiving)
Green Bean Casserole (Thanksgiving)
Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows (Thanksgiving)
Corn (Thanksgiving)
Dinner Roll (Thanksgiving)
Cornbread (Thanksgiving)
Jello (Thanksgiving)
Green Salad with craisins and mandarin oranges with candied almonds (Thanksgiving)
Snicker Salad (Thanksgiving)
Cranberry Relish (Thanksgiving)
Pumpkin Pie (Thanksgiving)
Pecan Pie (Thanksgiving)
Apple Pie (Thanksgiving)
Pesto Tortellini
Easter Buffet Choose your Favorites for $8.95 or get Ala Carte, Also choose 1 Dessert
Surf and Turf Line - 1 Entrée
Surf and Turf Line - Any 2 Entrees
Surf and Turf Line - Combine 1 Entrée with Steak (dinner only)