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Declining Balance Meal Plan Information

As a four-year residential college, meal plans are part of residential life for all students living in residence halls (Norelius, North, Gibbs, Sorensen, Uhler, Rundstrom, Southwest Hall Suites, Sohre, Pittman, Carlson International Center and Prairie View) at Gustavus. We aim to meet students' needs and have a wide variety of meal options available in the Market Place, Courtyard Cafe, and The STEAMery. Students are encouraged to provide feedback about anything you like or dislike to

The mandatory meal plan will not be waived by Dining Service for reasons of financial hardship (instead please discuss financial hardship with the Student Accounts Office); class, sport, travel, employment, or volunteer schedule; personal diet preferences; use of commercial nutrition products, such as packaged food sold by commercial weight loss programs, religious reasons, vegetarian/vegan or organic diet. Though we cannot accommodate for personal diet preference; we can provide students with information about our menus, recipes, and ingredients, how to navigate the Market Place cafeteria for options, and the resources to assist in making the meal plan work. Jen Donkin, RD, LD, CDE is the campus dietitian and can meet with students in the Health Service Office at no cost to the student. To schedule a visit with Jen, call the Health Service Office at 507-933-7630. 

In rare cases exceptions are made. Those cases require the Documentation for Housing Accommodation Request form through Residentail Life at to be completed by a medical provider (not related to the student) describing the medical necessity and a meeting with the campus dietitian to determine reasonable accommodations that need to be made.

Please read through the meal plan option details carefully. See the Pdf contracts linked below. Meal plans will be credited with funds according to the following schedule.

Meal Plan daily balance information can be found under "My Resources - Campus Resources - Account Balances.

The cost of each plan includes a $275.00/semester Facilities Staff and Administrative Support fee which is assessed at the beginning of each semester. Each plan is billed in two installments, along with tuition and housing fees.

Downloadable meal plan contracts:

The majority of Gustavus students who reside in on-campus apartments or off-campus housing choose to establish a voluntary declining balance account. The advantage of creating a declining balance meal plan for non-residence hall students is that 'meal plans' are not subject to MN State Sales Tax of 7.875%. Students who purchase items in the Market Place or Courtyard Cafe or Gustavus Buffet using cash, credit, debit, or check would be charged state sales tax. If they were using a declining balance account, they would not. Deposits made into these accounts may be charged to the general student account or established with cash, credit, debit, or check and may be done so in the Dining Service Office or Student Accounts Office. Account balances are available throughout the year, (no monthly rollover) however, they are not refundable so must be used by the end of the academic year. Please contact the Dining Service Office if there are questions about declining balance accounts for students who reside in on-campus apartments or in off-campus housing.

General Guidelines

  • Please present your Three Crowns ID card to the cashier to make declining balance meal plan purchases.
  • Shirts and shoes are required in all Dining Service locations.
  • All customers bus their own dishes in the Evelyn Young Dining Room.
  • Theft of food items, silverware, glasses, dishes, etc., from any Dining Service location is not allowed. Violators will be referred to the College Security Office and will face disciplinary action.
  • Throwing items in any Dining Service location is not permitted.

ID Cards

The Three Crowns ID Card will serve to access the student declining balance account. This card should be presented to the Market Place cashier each time purchases are made. ID cards are not transferable: only the card holder may use it to purchase items from Dining Service locations. Meal plan holders may, however, use their declining balance account to purchase items for visiting family members or guests as long as they accompany them.


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