Advisor and Advisee Responsibilities

Who's Responsible for What?

  1. Your responsibility as an advisee
    1. to pursue information, advice, and perspective from faculty and staff – with help from your advisor for referrals;
    2. to know graduation requirements and to keep track of your progress towards your degree – with online access to your degree audit;
    3. to know academic deadlines like course withdraw deadlines, registration, etc. as announced by e-mail from the Registrar;
    4. to know the College’s expectations for academic honesty and the consequences for dishonesty as explained by your advisor and your professors;
    5. to know how to prepare for meeting with your advisor for registration approval as explained by your advisor;
    6. to research possible future plans: major, study abroad, internships, graduate or professional school study, career fields, etc. by talking with appropriate campus resources;
    7. to let your advisor know if you are having academic difficulties—for referral to campus resources.
  2. Your advisor’s responsibility
    1. advocacy for you, a welcome into this kind of learning, into this network of faculty and staff who care about you, to help you make use of this unusual time in your life;
    2. knowledge of general education, major and graduation requirements and the kind of preparation needed for graduate and professional programs;
    3. knowledge of the College, an overall awareness of campus resources and of the whole life of a student at a residential college—with attention to reminding you of opportunities for learning outside the classroom;
    4. accessibility for talking together—office hours or appointments;
    5. openness to listen to what you’re thinking about and considering;
    6. intrusion, to speak the truth about what they see in your behavior and achievement – to offer suggestions.