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  • Karolinska Institutet: Celebrating the 300-year anniversary of Linnaeus's birth. Coordinated by the Swedish Research council. Stockholm, Sweden.
  • A unique celebration of the 300th anniversary of Linnaeus's birth. Looks at art and reality by comparing the flowers of Swedish folk art with the real flowers that Linnaeus classified. Chicago, Illinois.
  • This website serves as an organizer for many Linnaeus celebrations all over the world. It has a short description of each celebration, including location, date and weblink.
  • The American Swedish History Museum's Tercentenary Celebration includes a loan exhibit displayed in the museum, which will also travel to other Swedish museums including those in Chicago and Minneapolis. A symposium of the world's finest Linnaeus scholars, and other educational programming will also be held throughout the year.
  • The Swedish Embassy's website includes a list of the many tercentenary events that will be held throughout Sweden, including exhibitions, talks, debates, and film screenings, as well as links to other relevant websites.
  • A compilation of links pertaining to Linnaean organizations, collections, libraries, projects, documents, and societies throughout the world.
  • Description of the Swedish Institute's "Linnaeus 300" project, and associated international events.

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