Upcoming Events

at the Arboretum

The Arboretum hosts a wide range of events throughout the year for both the campus and surrounding community. Check out the college calendar below to learn more about upcoming campus events, peruse some of our past events, or check out our Signature Events

*Please be sure to note if the event is open to the community or is for Gustie students only!

Next Event

Arboretum 50th Anniversary 'Garden Party'

April 28

An outdoor (tent) gathering of Arboretum Friends, Donors, Volunteers and Supporters to celebrate and commemmorate the 50th Anniversary of the Arboretum. 

Gustie faculty, staff, students and alums are all welcome, but tickets are required.

Upcoming events
Date Event
Apr 28 58 p.m. Arboretum 50th Anniversary 'Garden Party'https://gustavus.edu/calendar/arboretum-50th-anniversary-garden-partyArboretum
Past events
Date Event
May 6, 2021 4:306 p.m. Kites & Biteshttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/kites-bitesInterpretive Center
Apr 15, 2021 5:307 p.m. Arboretum Treasure Hunthttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/arboretum-treasure-hunt-3Arboretum Interpretive Center
Apr 14, 2021 1010:30 a.m. Forest Bathinghttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/forest-bathingInterpretive Center
Mar 25, 2021 89:30 p.m. Arboretum Luminary Walkhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/arboretum-luminary-walkLinnaeus Arboretum: Start at Interpretive Center, end by President's house
89:30 p.m. Arboretum Luminary Walkhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/arboretum-luminary-walk-2Interpretive Center