Upcoming Eventsat the Arboretum

The Arboretum hosts a wide range of events throughout the year for both the campus and surrounding community. Check out the college calendar below to learn more about upcoming campus events, peruse some of our past events, or check out our Signature Events

*Please be sure to note if the event is open to the community or is for Gustie students only!

No upcoming events were found. Please check back soon or visit the College Calendar for general campus events.

Past events
Date Event
Oct 28, 2021 79 p.m. Arboretum Jack O'Lantern Trailhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/arboretum-jack-olantern-trailInterpretive Center
Oct 21, 2021 68 p.m. Campfire Hotdogs and Stargazinghttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/campfire-hotdogs-and-stargazingArboretum
Oct 14, 2021 56 p.m. Pond Scumminghttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/pond-scummingInterpretive Center
Oct 9, 2021 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fall Festhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/fall-fest-2Linnaeus Arboretum
Oct 7, 2021 56 p.m. Prairie Walkhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/prairie-walkBorgeson Cabin, Linnaeus Arboretum