Frequently Asked Questions

Reunion Weekend, June 2-4, 2023

A: The weekend reunion structure is best practice for many institutions like ours (Carleton, St. Olaf, St. John's/St. Ben's, among others). We tempered our priorities with the realities of the College and our desire to provide an exemplary reunion structure for as many as can possibly attend, revolving around several key issues:

  • Housing: We know St. Peter is a small community, and for people wanting to come down to the area it’s not convenient to stay at a St. Peter (or Mankato) hotel and try to coordinate transportation (whether alcohol is involved in the weekend or not). We want people to enjoy themselves, feel like they can “relive their college days” as they reconnect with their classmates and the College, and providing housing for folks was important. Given the constraints of when students are in the dorms and summer campers come to Gustavus, early June was the prime opportunity to allow our alumni coming for reunion to feel like the “campus is their playground”.
  • On-campus commitment: We feel strongly about alumni sensing that the Gustavus campus is a place for them to feel welcome and connected. There is much to be said about the energy that comes from being back in the place where you spent those formative years of your life, so with that in mind, we have committed to providing a schedule of robust programming with the understanding that being on campus results in added value for the experience.
  • Competition for facilities and resources: We really want alums to have a wonderful experience and don't want competition for resources that may result from other academic year activities and/or summer camps. We know that most facilities are fully available during a couple of narrow windows, so in order to accommodate a large number of alums, we want to be able to dedicate as much of our physical space and human capital to the efforts as possible. This includes our staff, student employees, other campus staff, and faculty. Since students may be off to summer work, holding them just one week or so after graduation/end of the year isn’t totally cramping their style. Similarly, faculty are on 10-month contracts and aren’t normally around in the summer months (and are busy during the academic year), so one week after commencement when they’re still in town is a great time to catch them.

Q: Will I still be able to interact with current Gusties? I always enjoy interacting with students and a vibrant campus community...

A: We understand that holding reunions when classes are not in session means the campus will not be bustling with student activity. We are committed to infusing the weekend with student employees and volunteers to ensure you have ample opportunities to connect with them. Students will be assigned to every reunion class and will extend the Gustie spirit of hospitality to you throughout your time on campus.

Q: Can I bring my kids to Reunion Weekend?

A: Our overall structure for signature programming (Reunion Weekend and Homecoming) is meant to be inclusive of Gusties of all ages and life stages. Reunion Weekend is intended to be an adults-only weekend where alumni can return to campus and "relive their college days." Homecoming will be full of family-friendly programming and will focus on affinity-based reunions (athletics, clubs, organizations, academic departments, and other shared experiences across generations).

Q: Does Gustavus allow pets on campus?

A: Gustavus' pet policy is meant to promote the wellbeing and safety of all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors to the campus as well as to protect the College's property and assets. In general, it is prohibited to bring dogs, cats, or any other pets inside any College-controlled buildings. While on College-controlled properties, pets must be maintained on a leash or in a caged enclosure. Pets are not allowed in the arboretum or in and around the outdoor athletic facilities. Pets may not be tethered to College buildings, trees, or other structures, and pet owners are responsible for cleaning up any messes made by the pet as well as any damages to property or bodily harm caused by the animal. Please visit the All-College Policies website for additional details.

Q: How much does everything cost and how is pricing calculated?

A: Gustavus has determined an all-inclusive partial day rate for programming with a discounted all-inclusive rate for the entire weekend and incentives for early registration. The programming rate includes all meals, group activities, and class-specific gatherings for that time period. Housing and alcohol purchases represent additional costs; on-campus housing is paid at time of registration.

Q: What types of housing will be available? How will we decide where to stay on campus?

A: For those who have been away from campus for a while, you should know that the on-campus housing features many amenities that were not available in years past. Several of Gustavus' residence halls feature private or semi-private restrooms and shower facilities, air conditioning, and comfortable lounge and gathering spaces. Staying on campus will ensure convenient access to all the activities of the weekend; scheduled shuttle service will be available to off-campus venues.

  • Prioritization: Reunion committees will provide recommendations to campus staff regarding which halls/sections they would prefer. From there, residence halls will be allocated based on seniority, with consideration for accessibility, comfort and capacity.
  • Organization: All alumni staying on campus will be organized on the same floor(s) as their classmates; single-gender restrooms and showers will organized by floor. If designated sections of a residence hall fill to capacity, general (mixed-age) overflow housing will also be made available.
  • Occupancy: Most rooms are double occupancy (two twin beds); a select number are single or quadruple occupancy. With a per-room-per-night rate, single occupancy is an option. Habitation in individual rooms may be co-ed or single-gender and preferences will be recorded upon registration; roommate requests will be honored to the extent possible.
  • Common Areas: Each class will be outfitted with a "Class Lounge" in the residence hall, which will serve as an informal gathering space. Light refreshments, memorabilia and entertainment will be available throughout the weekend in that space, and other non-designated common areas will also be available for use as needed.
  • Registration: If you are interested in staying on campus, make your reservation on your online registration for the weekend's festivities. If you will be staying with someone in a room, only one of you will need to pay for the room online. Just indicate your roommate's name in the NOTES area on the registration form and collect the other half of the room charge from him/her later.

Q: Are linens and towels provided? 

A: Bedding and towels will be provided for those staying overnight on campus. This includes one pillow, one pillowcase, sheets, a blanket, a towel, and a washcloth. If you need more than one pillow or prefer an extra plush towel, please plan to bring them with you. 

Q: What is the College's policy on alcohol use on campus?

A: Gustavus is a "wet campus", which means those of legal drinking age are permitted to consume alcohol on campus. Individuals staying in the residence halls are allowed to bring their own alcohol to be consumed within the private areas of the residence halls. Alcoholic beverages will also be available for purchase at on- and off-campus venues where programming takes place throughout the weekend.

Q: What sort of transportation will be available for reunion-goers?

A: Shuttle service around campus and to off-campus locations will be available on a schedule throughout the weekend. For those with mobility challenges, inter-campus transportation (golf carts) will also be available.

Q: What about giving to the College in honor of my reunion?

A: Many Gusties choose to give a gift to the College in honor of their reunion with the understanding that their generosity makes the Gustavus experience possible for current and future students. In a similar vein, those who valued their time as a student at Gustavus honor that time in their lives by paying it forward to others. For some, the news that Gustavus is moving forward with the implementation phase of its new strategic plan is a motivator, as they realize that the philanthropy and engagement of alumni, parents and friends of the College is paramount to the success of that plan. No matter the reason, Gustavus relies on the philanthropy of its alumni base to fund core student experiences and we are incredibly grateful for each and every gift, however large or small. As an added bonus, a gift to Gustavus this year will earn you an invitation to the "hottest ticket of reunion weekend", the Donor Appreciation Reception, complete with live music, a hosted bar and top-notch eats.

Q: What do we wear?

A: That's up to you! We're keeping things pretty casual over the weekend, with the "snappiest" attire likely to be found at the Donor Appreciation Reception. That said, we'll welcome you with open arms, however you'd prefer to be seen.

Q: What happens at the opening reception?

A: The opening reception is a lively and spirited welcome to Reunion Weekend, where reunion planning committee members are recognized for all their wonderful work preparing for the big event! Refreshments and a cash bar will be available beginning at 4 p.m. as people arrive on campus, and a plated dinner will be served at 6 p.m.

Q: What is "Our Gustavus: Past, Present, Future"?

A: This event is the celebration of the essence of Gustavus then and now, a nostalgic and reflective time capped off with a vision for what's ahead. Representatives from the 50, 25, and 10 year reunion classes will share some memories from their time on the Hill, and President Bergman will share her State of the College address.

Q: What is the community concert?

A: Big Toe and the Jam will be performing at this year's community concert, featuring Matt Bergman '07 on the sax! This concert is an opportunity to engage with the St. Peter community in close proximity to the local scene. Big Toe and the Jam plays a great variety of music, spanning several decades and appealing to a wide audience. You will have the ability to come and go while visiting other establishments downtown St. Peter.

Q: What happens at the Reunion Worship and Remembrance Celebration, followed by the closing brunch?

A: The Reunion Worship and Remembrance Celebration is a service that honors members of all classes who have passed since the last reunion. There will be special music from the Alumni Choir. The brunch will be held in the Evelyn Young Dining Room, featuring wonderful food selections and closing remarks with a special tribute to the weekend.

Q: What if I have additional questions?

A: Members of your reunion planning committee may be able to answer many of your questions, and staff in the Alumni and Parent Engagement Office are also happy to do so. Email us at or call 800-487-8437.