Plan/Request a Chapter Event

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We would love to help you plan an event in your area. Please take a look at our Chapter Officer Guide and complete the chapter event inquiry form and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Gustavus will provide a Chapter Event Toolkit including a registration list, registration sign in sheet, nametags, and small Gustie giveaways.

When thinking about an event for your Gustavus chapter, consider scheduling, cost and location, as all these can affect attendance. Avoid major city-wide events, holidays, and church nights. Locations that are too expensive or without ample parking may be challenging. Consider resources that you may already have at your disposal, such as alumni who own a restaurant, belong to a club or have other good connections around the city.

Here are some fun ideas that you may consider for your event:

  • Minnesota-themed potluck
  • Group tickets for a local sports game
  • Tour of a winery or brewery
  • Family game night
  • Do a community service project
  • Meet for happy hour or at a local restaurant with a private room
  • Boat cruise
  • Plan an alumni golf tournament
  • Student ambassador event – invite future and current Gusties
  • Cheer on a visiting Gustie sports team
  • Welcome party for new Gustie grads who have recently moved to your area
  • Put together a Gustavus team for a local cancer walk (or another local cause)
  • Tour a museum
  • Take hike or walk at a local park or nature reserve