Class of 1953

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Arthur Dale ’53

8 months ago
Arthur Dale ’53 has published a book, Legends of Lee Tov. He writes, “It is a book of stories, whispered into my consciousness by the soft wind through pine bows of the first people to live and love at a Northern Minnesota lake. I ask questions and the wind takes me 9000 years after the […]

Rodney Hokenson ’53

Around 2 years ago

Debbie Curran McGarity ’91

Around 3 years ago

LUND Family – 3 generations

Around 5 years ago

Marcia Sodergren Ford ’53

Around 7 years ago

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Date Event
Today 2:303:30 pm Q & Q: Queer and Questioning Room, lower level of the Campus Center, next to CAO desk
7 pm Volleyball at Concordia, Minn.
TomorrowOct 24 Fall Break Campus
Tomorrow 10 am Men's Hockey hosts Intrasquad Scrimmage Peter, Minn.
1 pm Football at Saint John's, Minn.
Sep 18 to Nov 5 Contemporary American Painting [1945] and FOCUS IN/ON: Reginald Marsh's Manhattan Towers, at the Hillstrom Museum of Art Museum of Art