Department of Theatre and Dance Faculty and Staff

Faculty & Staff
Name Phone    
John Mayer Visiting Instructor profile
Terena Wilkens Adjunct Instructor507-933-6280webprofile
Sue Gunness Visiting Instructor507-933-7198 profile
Larissa McConnell Costume Instructor507-933-7343 profile
Michele Rusinko Professor507-933-7351 profile
Kiki Mead ’11 Visiting Instructor507-933-7353 profile
Amy Seham Professor507-933-7460webprofile
Sarah Hauss Visiting Assistant Professor507-933-6234 profile
Jill Patterson Visiting Assistant Professor507-933-7198 profile
Robert Gardner Professor Emeritus profile
Kristi Borowy Administrative Assistant507-933-7353 profile

Academic Assistants

Academic Assistant(s) serve as the liaison for all theatre and dance students and the department faculty. Academic Assistants are chosen from applicants in the spring semester for the following fall, and their position may be renewed by the faculty for an additional semester.

Students are not required to be majors to apply. For application information, see the department administrative assistant.

Responsibilities include (and are not necessarily limited to): Attending department meetings, bringing student concerns to the department, lobby displays, Facebook and website updates, and generating buzz and excitement for department activities.