The Telecommunications Department provides local phone service and voicemail for students of the Gustavus Community.

Basic Telephone Service is provided free of charge to all students in college-owned housing upon request only. Students may bring their own phone or request a loan phone from the Telecommunications Office to plug into the wall after service to their room has been requested and programmed into service. Contact Laura McCabe for information and requests.

To place a call from a room phone to an on- campus phone number, you only need to dial the 4 digit extension number. To make a local call (which includes St. Peter and Mankato prefix numbers), you need to dial “9” followed by the seven digit phone number.

Long Distance Service is available to all students, including those living in non-College housing, by request only for a Personal Authorization Code. Students placing calls using their personal Authorization Code are billed monthly by the Telecommunications Office. The rates are $.06/minute all day, every day with no monthly service fees. To make a long distance call, you would dial 9+1+ area code + seven digit number, wait for a confirmation tone and enter your Authorization Code.

Check with us for International Rates, which are also discounted, as well as dialing instructions for other countries.

 NOTE: Students are unable to accept collect calls or dial any “900” or “500” numbers from campus phones.


Your monthly telephone bill can be retrieved online around the first of each month. You will be notified through email when it is availabe for viewing. Access is via URL:

To log into this web page, you will enter an ID and password. The Account ID is your student number, using the first zero plus 6 digits. The password is your long distance authorization code.

All bills are due on the 20th of each month and can be paid in person at the Telecommunications office (lower level of Olin Hall) or through Campus Mail. Please DO NOT SEND CASH PAYMENT through the Campus Mail.

Comments and questions can be directed to Laura McCabe .

Voice Mail is available free of charge to all students upon request only, including those living in non-college owned housing. You would keep the same voice mailbox number all four years at the college and would be able to check messages from any phone, on or off campus. Contact Laura McCabe for information and requests regarding long distance and voice mail inquiries and requests.


FAX Service: A FAX machine is available for student use to send or receive Fax communication in the Switchboard Office, Room 026, of the Telecommunications Department. Nominal charges apply and should be paid at time of service in this office. Use of the FAX machine is available during office hours only.