Phone Logistics

Adding and Moving Departmental Telephones

Departmental telephone changes are completed by the Telecommunications Office. We can provide you with telephone service and voice mail for new personnel as well as help with moves within the department. Contact Telecommunications before personnel leave the college so that voice mail and telephone service can be disconnected. Please let us know as far in advance as possible regarding the changes to take place. To schedule an addition, deletion, or move, contact Laura McCabe at x6261.

Departmental Billing

Monthly notification will be sent that phone charges are online when they become available. No action is necessary regarding billing unless you have accrued personal charges. Please check with the Administrative Assistant in your department as to how personal call charges are handled for payment.

Your monthly telephone bill can be retrieved online. Access is via URL: To log into this web page, you will enter an account ID and password. Upon successfully logging into the web page, you will see your current account information as well as the details of any calls made in the current month. You may examine your recent bill(s) also by clicking on the upper left most button (which will initially show the phrase “Current Period”) and then selecting the appropriate month. To receive help with your account ID, password, or any other questions or comments, select the comment button on the website or send email to or call Laura at x6261.