Obscene or Harassing Calls

If you receive annoying, obscene, abusive, threatining, or harassing calls, follow these instructions:

  1. Hang up at the first obscene word. Hang up if the caller remains silent the second time you say hello. Remember you control your telephone, not the person calling.
  2. Do not give any information, such as your name or address, until the caller has been properly identified.
  3. Call Campus Safety at x8888 immediately and report the incident. They will refer the matter to the proper authorities for investigation.

NOTE: Inappropriate Phone and Voice Mail Use. It is a crime under both Minnesota and Federal laws for anyone to make obscene or harassing phone calls. No member of the Gustavus community shall use obscenities in a greeting or a message in the Gustavus voice mail system. Inappropriate use of the telephone system including Gustavus voice mail will result in disciplinary action.