Campus Safety encourages you to follow the following tips when walking or running:

Avoid walking or running alone, especially at night.

Let someone know where you are going and when you will be back.

Confine walking or running to well-lit, regularly traveled walks and pathways. Avoid short-cuts and stay away from shrubbery, bushes, alleyways, or other areas where an assailant might be lurking.

Do not wear headphones.

Wear a safety vest when walking or running at night.

Carry a whistle.

If you are approached by a suspicious person or vehicle, run away in the opposite direction. Try to get a description of the person or license tag number and report the incident immediately to Campus Safety or the St. Peter Police Department.

Alter your walking or running schedule so there is no set pattern or time established.


Stay safe, both oncampus and abroad, with these easy tips!