Nick Hefty

Nitrate and Other Anions in the St. Peter Drinking Water Sources Protection Area

Chemistry, Dr. Jeremiason

Professional Abstract (2008):

This research was supported by the 2008 Merck-AAAS Summer Research Fund.

Professional Abstract (2007):
Nick Hefty

The City of St Peter has been blending shallow nitrate-laden ground water with deeper ground water to meet nitrate drinking water standards. In this project we initiated sampling in four creeks that contribute to the ground water St Peter utilizes for drinking water. We measured nitrates and other anions in four creeks that terminate west of St Peter. An ion chromatograph was used to analyze for numerous anions. Sampling began in early June and continued while stream flow persisted. Elevated nitrate levels exceeding drinking water standards were found in the streams. Methods for treating nitrate-laden water were explored and models of them were tested for efficiency.

This research was supported by the 2007 Greater Gustavus Summer Research Fund.

  • Nick presented his 2008 summer research at the Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium at the University of Minnesota and at the 2008 Fall Chemistry-Biology Research Symposium.